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About Us

We are an outdoor store for families who play in nature and, with each purchase, help give back to the community. 

Our mission is to work with artists & brands in the outdoor industry that meet our standard of ethical business; with fair price points that can be approached by all families, earth-friendly manufacturing, and ethical give-backs to social or environmental causes. 

    Chelsea L Ingle is a local proprietor and business owner from Portland, OR. Her ancestry dates back to a historic landscape artist Eliza R. Barchus (1857-1959), who was later credited by the Oregon Legislature as "The Oregon Artist". With a degree in Merchandising Management and strong leadership skills, a business idea came about when searching for a place to find family outdoor gear and salespeople that were experienced in raising children. She couldn't find anyone who could help and a decision was made to create an outdoor store for kids.  


Mt. Hood, Eliza R Barchus  


    A flagship store was established in 2016 inside a historic building of St Johns in North Portland. The next year, partnership was established with Troll City Boathouse for rentals of stand-up paddleboards & kayaks to use on the Willamette River nearby. This community held tightly amongst waves of construction and development in the area before a shift was to occur. Unexpectedly, the landlord forced vacancy in 2020 just prior to the pandemic, and the shop quickly had to close. We have pivoted since then to build a better presence online and in-person at events throughout the area.