About Us

We are an outdoor store for families who play in nature & through each purchase, help give back to our community. New and used items on consignment are available with select items at pop-up events throughout the Portland area. Our mission is to carry brands that best serve the outdoor community and meets our standard of ethical business; from economic price points that can be approached by all families, earth-friendly quality of manufacturing, and supporting philanthropy in social or environmental causes.

Chelsea L Ingle is the proprietor and business owner from Portland, OR. Her ancestry dates back to the famous landscape artist Eliza R. Barchus (1857-1959), who was later credited in 1971 by the Oregon Legislature as "The Oregon Artist". Her original oil paintings & reproductions of western mountains and water features spread a romantic ideal of the West to the rest of the country with the most featured works of Mt. Hood, but also unique portraits of Yellowstone falls, Muir glacier, and San Francisco.


Mt. Hood, Eliza R Barchus

The business idea came about after searching for a place to find quality family outdoor gear by a reputable & friendly source in the outdoor industry; represented by salespeople experienced with raising children.  Spearheaded by her son, the introduction of an inclusive outdoor store for kids was presented to the largest retail trade show - Outdoor Retailer in 2016, in all consideration; a novel approach given most sales representatives had never heard of this concept before. 

A flagship store was established shortly thereafter in St Johns, Portland. The community support was held tightly amongst waves of construction and development for 3 years just before a shift was to occur with Covid-19. As luck would have it, a request to vacate was received prior to the shutdown; thus protecting resources needed to stay afloat in order to build a new store presence online. For a complete schedule of in-person events, be sure to follow us on Facebook.



All profits will be donated to non-profit organizations that support a healthy planet & build strength in our young community.  Explore together!