About Us

Chelsea L Ingle is a local proprietor and business owner from Portland, OR. Her ancestry dates back to a landscape artist Eliza R. Barchus (1857-1959), who was later credited by the Oregon Legislature as "The Oregon Artist".  


Mt. Hood, Eliza R Barchus  


Given her love for the mountains, a business idea came about when searching for a place to find quality family outdoor gear by a reputable & friendly source in the industry; represented by salespeople experienced with raising children.  Spearheaded by her son, an inclusive outdoor store for kids was presented to the largest retail trade show Outdoor Retailer, in 2016. 


A flagship store was established shortly thereafter in St Johns, Portland. Later, a partnership was established with Troll City Boathouse for rentals of sups & kayaks in St Johns. Our community support held tightly amongst waves of construction and development in the area for 3 years just before a shift was to occur with Covid-19. A request to vacate was received prior to the shutdown; thus protecting resources necessary to stay afloat and transition towards building a new presence online.


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We have a mission to donate all profits to charity after Spring 2022.