Junior Checker 3 Pk


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There's no holding back a little kid with big dreams, so keep them safe with the Pro-Tec Street Gear Jr. Pad 3-Pack.  The groms are often a little too fearless for their own good, so gearing them up with a full set of pads can help them make quicker progress without dealing with constant injuries. Since kids can really put their stuff through the ringer, we made them extra strong with abrasion-resistant nylon, durable plastic caps, neoprene stretch panels, and comfy EVA padding. The knee pads now come with a hook and loop closure system so there's need to take off your shoes to slip them over your feet.  All three elbow, knee and wrist guards are scaled-down versions of the adult street pads.

The set comes in a reusable mesh bag to help keep them all together when not in use. Also creating less of that wasteful packaging, being better for the environment.